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Fainting (Myotonic) Goats

Raising fainting
(myotonic/wooden leg)


 < Updated: 08/25/2020 

We have down sized considerably and will be downsizing even more in next few years...

There are quite a few of them that "I" (yes i say, "I" as the husband really would prefer to get rid of them all) just can't part with... So they will just live out the rest of their lives here with us, and be retired from breeding, or bred very minimally... 

Goal is just to breed a couple of girls a year...just to have babies for "myself" and the grand-kids!! 

I LOVE the breed to much just to go COLD TURKEY!!

Raising Quality Fainting/Myotonic/Wooden Leg goats since 2008

Offering a variety of quality genetics along with different colors, coats & patterns, TRI-COLOR, MOON-SPOTTED, PEACOCK PATTERN, BLUE/SILVER's. We have the beautiful blue, brown, gold, & amber-eyes thru out our herd.  Offering them horned, polled or dis-budded...
It has been our goal to have all Moon Spotted Genetics in all of our off springs.

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Papa & his little helper.

She helps papa remember the names of the all the goats as well!

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