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Fainting (Myotonic) Goats

Raising fainting
(myotonic/wooden leg)


 < Updated: 10/15/2019 >

We have down sized considerably and will be downsizing even more next spring/summer...

(not sure on which Does or Doelings yet ` if you have interest in any particular ones let us know and we will let you know when we decide)

Will be posting our breeding pairs for 2019 soon. Starting in a week or so...

ALL 2019 breeding's have potential for Moon Spots (which is our goal)

Raising Quality Fainting/Myotonic/Wooden Leg goats since 2008

Offering a variety of quality genetics along with different colors, coats & patterns, TRI-COLOR, MOON-SPOTTED, PEACOCK PATTERN, BLUE/SILVER's. We have the beautiful blue, brown, gold, & amber-eyes thru out our herd.  Offering them horned, polled or dis-budded...
It has been our goal to have all Moon Spotted Genetics in all of our off springs.

Please Feel Free to Contact us today...we would love to hear from you!

Papa & his little helper.

She helps papa remember the names of the goats as well!

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